James Howard - Leadership & Mechatronics Engineering

Iris Automation

CTO & Co-Founder, October 2015 - Present

We at Iris are working to build a revolutionary new way for drones and unmanned systems to see the world. Using computer vision techniques, our technology enables machines to fly and react naturally to their surroundings, providing increased safety, reduced risk, and redundancy. With this we are enabling never before seen opportunities for unmanned systems.

Spire Global UK

Satellite Engineering Intern, May 2015 - September 2015

At Spire I worked as part of an agile team of passionate people striving to get our satellites in space, and bring back valuable customer data. During my time at Spire I was involved in a lot, and grew immensely as a professional engineer. Here’s a snippet of what I accomplished:

  • Designed PCBs and circuits that were assembled and put into use as production test and validation equipment.
  • Assisted in the development of the production team and process in Glasgow.
  • Developed manufacturing instructions to streamline and enhance the satellite production process.

UBC Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Captain & Founder, May 2014 - April 2016

I have always had a passion for unmanned systems as well as for flight, this culminated in the founding of the University of British Columbia Unmanned Aircraft Systems team. My time as co-captain of this team has allowed me to explore a vast range of activities including:

  • Recruited and managed a team of exceptional students from many faculties of the university
  • Interacted with government to arrange certificates and exceptions allowing the testing of unmanned aircraft
  • Developed and deployed several UAS, both fixed wing, multi-rotor, and hybrids of the two

Blox Servers

President & Founder, August 2014 - July 2015

Blox Servers was a game hosting business that I ran in my spare time during my fourth year at university. I’ve always enjoyed video games, and have an entrepreneurial spirit which drove me to start the company. Running the business was a huge learning experience, and allowed me to explore many fields of interest.

  • Developed an online payments processing application that interfaced with multiple APIs
  • Deployed server infrastructure at a datacenter in Seattle to host bandwidth and CPU intensive applications
  • Spearheaded a marketing campaign covering Google, YouTube and other online applications

Anime Revolution Events

Director of Sales & Web Development, September 2011 - September 2014

Events have always been my thing, ever since running backstage ops in High School. I joined AniRevo from the very beginning and have worked as a part of this amazing volunteer team for many years. My experience has pushed me into areas I never expected including sales, management, and payments processing.

  • Cold called hundreds of vendors and exhibitors as Director of Sales
  • Developed an online payments and convention management solution, used by over 14,000
  • Planned and executed a 14,000+ attendee event!

Insitu Pacific

Student Engineer, July 2013 - September 2013

I worked directly with a team of engineers on the development of UAS payloads for external and internal clientèle. From mechanical to RF design, I gained a broad range of experiences during my time at Insitu and was given an insight into the world of commercial UAS.

  • Designed and manufactured payload mounting systems
  • Tested for strength, vibration, and thermal characteristics of various payloads
  • Used Hardware In the Loop testing and deployed integrated payloads onto UAS

Boeing Research & Technology Australia

Student Engineer, May 2013 - July 2013

At Boeing Research in Australia I worked as part of a team looking at unmanned aircraft systems and expanding their use cases within the country.

  • Developed remote, embedded sensor systems for various uses including positioning
  • Deployed firmware on several embedded systems in multiple languages (C, Python, C++)
  • Built enclosures designed for all weather resilience

Oztron Media

Developer & 3D Modeler, November 2010 - March 2011

Oztron was my first job straight out of High School. I worked in a small team as a 3D modeller and developer as we created virtual reality environments for training and teaching purposes. It gave me a great chance to learn how to interact directly with clients using the very thing I was working on and learn good development techniques.

  • Build many 3D models used in virtual reality teaching and training solutions
  • Worked with client feedback to mould and shape a productive environment
  • Performed network design and server maintenance to support virtual worlds