Cloud Clouds

Cloud Clouds started as a project created by a friend, Tungesh, and I for a course at my university (MECH 423 – Embedded Mechatronics Systems) that was inspired by the work of Richard Clarkson who created a similar smart connected clouds project (which you can see at this link). By creating our own version of his clouds, Tungesh and I were able to learn a great deal about embedded programming using some new tools and languages that hadn’t yet been taught in the class (Raspberry Pi + Python), as well as give us a chance to create our own embedded circuitry and have a go at some basic PCB design.

This blog series follows our progress in creating the Cloud Clouds project, as we reach new milestones I will be uploading new posts and pictures along the journey. Stay tuned to my Twitter feed for up to date information on the project!

The overriding design goal for this project was to create an IoT connected object which would bring a bit of nature indoors, creating a better living and work environment for inhabitants of the space, and enable them to connect with the environment in a technologically interresting way. (Additionally it meets the criteria for the final project of MECH 423 at the University of British Columbia!)

Get the source code on GitHub!